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Z Usman

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This wastes my time.
What's the matter, got bored?

Hi Dale
Why no recent posts?



You have an interesting blog.

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Happy New Year.

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biotechnology training

I m a second year B. Tech biotech student.
I want to know about institutes providing summer training

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I don't think that the time could be wasted in the meeting about the marking,so the important marketing communication,is an important task and event and in this you can discuss some of the strategies and thinking about the sales of the products,and i must say that the marketing discussions,is really important task and have to be taken.


No meeting could be wastage of time. Every meeting is useful tough sometimes it feels very boring or disgusting like you. But your post make me interested to know details of your meeting.

Panic Away

I have the same opinion. The one that can argue their point and is listened to is often the "most outspoken or most powerful person". These kind of meetings tend to be rather boring and they are indeed a waste of time.

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